1. plato New Member

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    I have often heard a word that sounds like Chonies to refer to men's underwear. Is this an Spanish word? Slang? or something else? Thanks for your help
  2. Edwin

    Edwin Senior Member

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    Google finds this:

    chones n.pl. underwear, especially undershorts or panties. Also chonies, choners. Related: pupusa, pollero, naco, Amexica, mean-mugging, dally, English, Spanish, Mexico, United States, Slang

    Editorial Note: Despite its proximity to a mention of lingerie, chonies in the 1928 citation is probably a typographical error for chorines. Etymological Note: (Mexican) Spanish slang chones, perhaps from the Mexican Spanish calzones ‘underwear’ or less probably from the English long johns. The Oxford English Dictionary includes a 1717 first citation for poncho from Frezier’s Voyage to the South Sea in which Chony appears; however, it may be unrelated: “The Spaniards have taken up the Use of the Chony, or Poncho…to ride in, because the Poncho keeps out the Rain.”
  3. Askaks

    Askaks Senior Member

    Querétaro, México
    Spanish - Mexico
    :p yeah "chones" :p
    It's slang for "calzones" in Mexico.

    i.e. "Traía los chones bien rotos"

    It's also a pet name for "Asension" "Chon" .

    i.e. "Todos los Chones son muy buenas personas"

    Note appart, my dad calls us all at home "chones, chona, chon" he's nuts :D
  4. Askaks

    Askaks Senior Member

    Querétaro, México
    Spanish - Mexico
    ¿Alguien recuerda los frijoles de doña Chonita? :)
  5. Conrado Herrera Senior Member

    Chones, choninos son palabras cuyo significado es calzones, pero son en lenguaje no oficial, carente de seriedad.

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