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Ashton Kutcher was chosen the most powerful young star, according to a poll made by Teen People's edition that hits newsstands Friday. (source)

This is from an article about Ashton Kutcher.
I'd like to know if you need to use "as" with the verb "choose".

I think both are correct. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
1) People chose Kutcher the most powerful young start.:tick:
2) People chose Kutcher as the most powerful young start.:tick:
  • Esca

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    I agree that the first sentence is a bit awkward, although I'm not sure if I'd call it incorrect. I'd be more likely to use it with a different verb or construction, such as: "Kutcher was named the most popular star..."
    "Kutcher was chosen as the most popular star..." is a bit more natural.
    I'd also consider "Kutcher was chosen to be the most popular star..."
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