choose most comfortable ships to work on=choose to work on..

Baltic Sea

Hello again!

Life at sea is not easy and qualified seafarers choose only the most comfortable ships to work on.

I think that the marked part in italics means that "seafarers choose only the most comfortable ships on which they can work" and that part can be transformed to mean "seafarers" choose or decide to work only on the most confortable ships.

Thank you. Unfortunately, no online version with this text is available.
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    By "qualified" do you mean "the most experienced"? (Qualified, if you mean "a person with good skills", does not mean that. Though in your or my langauge it does).


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    I think that Baltic Sea's paraphrases, especially the first, are a bit imprecise or ambiguous.

    This is the best thing to do = Of all the things that one could do, this is the best.

    These are the most comfortable ships to work on = Of all the ships that one could work on, these are the most comfortable.

    They choose only the most comfortable ships to work on = When they are deciding which ships they will work on, they reject all but the most comfortable ones.


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    Do not forget that Baltic Sea is discussing what appears to be advertising copy or perhaps a brochure describing a company and written by or for the company. It is to be expected that the meaning will be to extol the company. We are helping him understand the meaning of this material, not creating direct, usable translations for him.

    I read the meaning of the sentence as (roughly): "Life at sea is tough. If you want the very best seamen to apply to join the crews of your ships, you should ensure that your ships are as comfortable as possible [by employing us to fix them up (or construct them, depending on what the company actually does), because we are very good at this kind of work]."

    The bracketed part is not really there, but it is hoped by the company that it is understood.

    Note well: working on ships could mean either "constructing/repairing ships" or "sailing as crew members on ships". Since it is prefaced by "Life at sea", I believe that the second meaning is intended.


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    Unfortunately, no online version with this text is available.
    We do not require an online link if none is available, but we do need you to tell us the source in words -- even if you provide a link, since links can disappear in the future. And give us some context.
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