Choose tie (in a match)

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Alexandra Fuentes Prior

New Member

Imagine a brawl between two equally good fighters, but one of them doesn't really want to fight, so he says to the other one, with a tint of a threat, "choose tie", meaning that his opponent has no chance to win, but he kindly offers him a tie, because he is sooo noble and admits that his opponent is cool too, but not really enough . So he asks him to agree for a tie and end this fight.

Is it OK to say "choose tie"? Is it grammatically correct (shouldn't there be a? I think there shouldn't, but what do I know )? . Could you make up a cooler phrase saving the above meaning? It's something like a cheap action movie with all the clichés, so the more arrogant it sounds, the better.

Thanks for reading, hope for your help!
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