Chopin makes/made people love piano music.


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Hi all, in the following sentence, should I use "make" or "made"?

"Chopin makes/made people love piano music."

Chopin died almost 200 years ago so the past tense seems to make sense. However, this can be considered a fact and the influence (that people love piano music because of his pieces) can still be felt today so the present tense also seems correct.

What is your view?
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    I agree with your reasoning. If you are talking collectively about Chopin's work, all of his pieces that are still around and are known by many, the present tense is appropriate. Using the past tense might make it sound as though people did not love piano music before he made them.


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    Personally I feel like they are both correct, although I would personally use one of these constructions to make it more clear what you're trying to say:
    He did it in the past (and maybe still today): "Chopin made people love piano music."
    He did it in the past but also today: "Chopin still makes people love piano music."
    He, perhaps, didn't in the past but does now: "Chopin makes people love piano music."
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