Christ ayant recu le dernier soupir de S.A.T.R Louis

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  1. traceyham New Member

    The following is engraved on a cross that I think is turing 100 this year. Any help with translating it would be appreciated as I know and understand no French.

    Christ ayant recu le dernier soupir de S.A.T.R Louis

    Thank you,

  2. SwissPete

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    I am guessing that S.A.T.R. stands for Son Altesse Très Royale, with Louis being a king.

    The sentence could translate to "Christ having received the last breath of ...".

    Wait for more suggestions.
  3. Tim~!

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    It means:

    Christ having received the last sigh/gasp from Luke (/Louis).

    I don't know what the S.A.T.R. stands for, so haven't included it in the translation. I've written Luke rather than Louis because I assumed it was speaking about the disciple.
  4. jann

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    That's all I could come up with... :)

    Tim, why do you think this is about Luke? :confused:
  5. traceyham New Member


    Thank you for the translation ... That is what someone else was able to come up with too. It is Louis not Luke and it is a descendant of the Bourbons.

    Thank you.
  6. Quaeitur

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    The disciple is called Luc in French ;) Easy mistake to make tough.
  7. Grop

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    Hi, I also think S.A.T.R. Louis means something heavy like His Very Royal Highness Louis.

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