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Can you tell me what Christian formation is? I came across this phrase in an organization chart where there was "board of trustees" at the top, then president, and after that there were different vice presidents one of which was vice president for Christian formation.
Does such a thing exist in a company? What does it mean?
Thank you.
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    This is not a usual position in a company.

    Would you please tell us what sort of company this is? In which country is it located? Different English-speaking countries have different attitudes towards the infusion of religion into business.


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    Thanks Cagey,
    I'm sorry.I rechecked the chart and I noticed that it may belong to a university/ school not a company.
    What about in other institutes? Does it exist somewhere else? If it's a school chart, what is it then?
    PS. The names in the chart are Spanish to my knowledge. One for example is San Miguel.
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    If this is a Christian organization (business, college, institute) it would not be surprising to have a person in charge of religious formation as part of the management structure. I would be very surprised to find such a position in an organization that was not explicitly Christian.

    EDIT: To answer the linguistic question, "Christian formation" means education and perhaps activities designed not only to increase a person's knowledge of Christianity, but also to help him or her develop spiritually, morally and ethically as a Christian person.
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