Christian Mp3 Songs for Mobile

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Sara Lee

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I came across this term on google.

Mp3 Songs for Mobile
Christian Mp3 Songs for Mobile

"Mp3 Songs for Mobile" - Google Search

Q1. What does Mp3 Songs for Mobile mean? Is it understandable and common?

Is Christian Mp3 Songs for Mobile grammatically correct? Does it make sense or is it acceptable to use?

Q2. If I want to recommend some Christian songs in Mp3 format, for others to stream or download on their mobile phone.

Then should I describe these songs as (if I need to include "Christian" "Songs" "MP3" and "Mobile " ) :
Christian Mp3 Songs for Mobile or Mp3 Christian Songs for Mobile or Christian Songs Mp3 for Mobile?

Which one is more proper? If none is good, feel free to edit it.

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  • The pianist

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    MP3 is simply a digital audio format. The 'for mobile' means that the format's design will permit its use on a smartphone or tablet. "Christian MP3 songs" is obvious. You can listen to these songs with the proper earbuds and smartphones. "Christian Mp3 Songs for Mobile " is grammatically correct and understandable.

    Q2: Of your 3 choices the first would be the most common.
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