1. CarSho56 Senior Member

    U.S. (minnesota)
    Im going to bake Christmas cookies for a group of latinos. ¿Puedo decir que son galletas de navidad o hay otra palabra para ellas?
  2. Maximus07

    Maximus07 Senior Member

    Northern California
    Hmmm, creo que yo diría "Galletas navideñas" A ver que dicen los nativos.....
  3. alesardino New Member

    Spanish - Spain
    "Galletas navideñas" suena mejor, más natural. (Al menos en España)
  4. CarSho56 Senior Member

    U.S. (minnesota)
    ok gracias a los dos!
  5. borgonyon

    borgonyon Senior Member

    Shreveport, Louisiana
    Mexican Spanish
    The problem is that we do not have [that I know of] a word for cookie in Spanish. Galleta can be use for both a cookie and a cracker. Since we latinos come from many countries I've found that using the word galletita/galletica solves the problem. But in México we use galleta, as has been pointed out already.

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