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  1. lisboneagle Member

    Are"day","night" and "morning" capitalized in"Christmas day", "Christmas night" and "Christmas morning"?
  2. JustKate

    JustKate Moderate Mod

    I suspect some might disagree with me, but I say "no." The proper noun is Christmas - and Christmas Eve is enough of an institution that it has become a proper noun in its own right. But everything else is just a noun - Christmas day, Christmas morning, Christmas night, Christmas brunch, Christmas dinner, Christmas mid-afternoon.
  3. lisboneagle Member

    Thank you very much. I forgot about the mid-afternoon)
  4. Copyright

    Copyright Senior Member

    American English
    I would capitalize Christmas Day, meaning the day we celebrate Christmas – as many other people and sources do. Same for Christmas Eve, but lowercase the others.
  5. Andygc

    Andygc Senior Member

    British English
    I'll disagree, because Christmas in BE is used as much as an adjective as a noun. Christmas Eve, Christmas Day are normal (although Christmas Day is not used consistently - we do also see Christmas day)

    an example - a well known carol, but the author is unknown.
    Edit: To avoid any confusion - I'm disagreeing with JustKate, not Copyright.
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  6. entangledbank

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    English - South-East England
    I'm with Copyright: Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are proper names of two specific days of the year, like Good Friday and Lady Day, not descriptions like Sunday afternoon or the autumn equinox. The rest are just descriptions for indefinite portions of Christmas Day.
  7. JustKate

    JustKate Moderate Mod

    I can certainly live with Christmas Day - that makes a certain amount of sense, although if I hear "Christmas," I assume the meaning is "Christmas Day," unless there are indications that it means something else, such as "the entire season." I guess I can live with the others, too, it's just that I'd rather not because they don't make sense, at least not to me. ;)
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