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    Talking about tension in a belt caused by friction produced by dirt.

    Key Warning Signs:

    • Spiral Cage is Turning, but the Belt is hardly moving
    • Belt Lifting on the Outside Edge
    • Belt is Tight or Rigid to the Cage
    • Inside of the Belt “Christmas

    I do not have an idea of how to translate it. Thank you very much in advance.
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    The glossary definition of the "Christmas tree effect" (with a warning about inconsistent usage):

    Condition resulting from excess tension in the belt around a curved path, causing a bowed belt edge. This term tends to be used inconsistently in the industry.

    And here is the definition of "bowed edge' from another glossary (
    Bowed Edge – a condition affecting one or both edges of a coated abrasive belt or roll. The belt or roll will arc or skew in one direction when laid out on the floor, instead of following a straight line. Normally one edge of the product is longer than the other.

    Why "Christmas tree?" I don't know. But maybe you or one of the experts will know a good term to describe this condition in Spanish.

    ¿"formar una combadura"?
  3. Germcaos Senior Member

    Thank you very much I will check with people in the plant and come back with the term in Spanish.
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    Maybe it refers to the cracks or scratches on the surface of the belt due to excessive use. This cracks form kinda "christmas tree" when you see may say: resquebrajaduras, grietas o rajaduras
    See you

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