Chrome dictionary shortcut problem


English - Scottish

Today I suddenly started having an issue with my chrome shortcut. When I type enfr for my English>French dictionary, instead of automatically switching to the wordreference search chrome gives me a suggestion: "search WR En-Fr". I then have to click that suggestion to get the dictionary search in my address bar.

It's really annoying. I have to stop typing and click. It was working fine yesterday; I don't know if chrome updated or what. When I look in "manage search engines" all the settings look the same as before. It does it for all the WR dictionaries I use.

Anyone else having this problem, or have any suggestions?

Merci d'avance/thanks in advance
  • mkellogg

    English - US
    I see what you are talking about. I used it normally, updated Chrome, then I needed to click the suggestion.

    But I found a way to make it work. Type "enfr [TAB] word". That is working for me.


    English - USA
    It turns out Chrome version 88 removed the "keyword <space> search term" option for triggering custom searches. That left users with a choice between "keyword <tab> search term" or making a custom tweak in the bowels of the browser. However, there was enough backlash that Chrome rolled back the change in the last day or so. If you have not already done so, you will need to restart Chrome in order to get the old "keyword <space> search term" working again.