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Hello everyone,

I was wondering if there's a word (or words) I could use referring to someone who's chronically late. I figure I can't use the word "head" or something like that as in "lazy head" or "sleepy head". There may be some other parts of the body involved;)

Thanks as usual.
  • Florentia52

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    Please give us the complete sentence in which you plan to use the word or phrase, so we can get a sense of how you want to use it.


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    I would call that person "habitually late" rather than "chronically late." You might invent a title and say something like "Oh, look -- Miss Never-on-time finally decided to show up!"


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    You could easily say, "she's always late," not necessarily meaning every single time, but more "habitually." This is all of course depending on the register (habitually - more formal/always - less formal).
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