chubby cheek = pudgy cheek?


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Hello, there:
I am wondering if "chubby cheek" and "pudgy cheek" can be interchangable.
I serched the archive and I saw some said they are synonym but some have different opinions.
Also, I looked it up in a dictionary and it says:
If you describe someone as pudgy, you mean that they are rather fat in an unattractive way.It seems has derogatory connotation. So I am not very clear about the usage.

My question is
1.If people would like to compliment a baby, or a young child, may I use either or just chubby cheek?

2. Also, are the terms complimentary to adults?

Thanks for your help!:)
  • Cypherpunk

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    1. I would definitely use 'chubby'. As you've noted, 'pudgy' is not necessarily a compliment. However, people talk about a baby's chubby cheeks all the time!

    2. Being overweight is a significant problem in America, so I would definitely not consider them complimentary, when referring to an adult. I would be a bit surprised, but perhaps they can be complimentary in other English-speaking countries.

    Lux rationis

    American English
    "Chubby." "Chubby" is a friendlier word than "pudgy." Both terms are generally used as descriptions of body types. "Chubby" has limited use as a modifier for certain parts of the body (as in "chubby cheeks"), "pudgy" does not -- it refers to overall body type only (being both overweight and of short stature ).
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