1. eches00 New Member

    Colombian Spanish
    Hi everyone!

    I found the following sentence and to be honest it doesn´t make sense for me. Let´s see if you can help me.

    Here it comes:

    Dear God, may Chuck Bass exist and become my housband. Amen

    Thanks for your support
  2. Robañero Senior Member

    SE Wisconsin, USA
    American English
    Apparently Chuck Bass is a fictional tv character on the US show "Gossip Girls" that all the girls think is hot. The writer wishes he could become a real person so she can marry him. (source Urban Dictionary....I don't watch that show)
  3. eches00 New Member

    Colombian Spanish
    Hmmm I see my problem is not english but time for watching TV... hehehe.
    Thanks Robañero!!

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