chuck-farthen on the blessed grave-stones

chong lee

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The quote is from Treasure Island,by R. L. Stevenson.

The speaker is a sailor who was marooned for three years.

What does it mean "chuck-farthen on the blessed grave-stones"? ( chuck-farthen is a game I found. But what is the relation with being pious?)


And I was a civil, pious boy, and could rattle off my catechism that fast, as you couldn't tell one word from another. And here's what it come to, Jim, and it begun with chuck-farthen on the blessed grave-stones! That's what it begun with, but it went further'n that; and so my mother told me, and predicked the whole, she did, the pious woman!
  • In the US it's often called 'pitching pennies'. If one 'chucks farthings' --gambles, plays-- using headstones in a cemetery one is being rather disrespectful and impious. So the narrator, the "I" is describing how he first began to 'go wrong' and break the rules of society and its religion.

    Not that I admire its deeper points, but several places have lists of vocabulary from Treasure Island.
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