chugged and struck


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As much drinking competition as mortal combat, Mangix for nine days drank and fought the elder master. For nine nights they stumbled and whirled, chugged and struck, until at last the elder warrior collapsed into a drunken stupor, and a new Brewmaster was named. - Dota 2 lore, Valve Corp.

I don't understand the bold phrase, can anyone clear it up for me? Thank you very much.
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    chug / chug-a-lug

    There's nothing mysterious about the way the words are being used:)
    Thank you! <3 I saw it unclear because I thought that they fought all day, and when the night came, they only drank and fell off. I didn't think they "struck" each other while they were drinking.
    Eventually, I have a lot of things to learn about English. Thank you again for helping me!!!


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    English English
    I assume that because the author mentions both 'nine days' and 'nine nights' they're drinking and fighting all day and all night for nine days:)
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