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    That is a Chinese placename (春晓), pronounced [ʈʂʰuən˥˥ɕiɑʊ˨˩˦] (!) in Mandarin, but in Japanese it's known as the "Shirakaba gas field" (according to Wikipedia).


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    日本語 / japāniski / יפנית
    Chinese place names, when mentioned in Japanese texts, are redacted in the Japanese version of Chinese characters and pronounced in the Japanese pronunciation (Local prejudice in full bloom, I think. But this is mutual ;)).

    春晓 as it appears in Japanese newspapers and such is: 春暁 ([ˈɕɯŋɡʲoɔ]).

    By the way, CapnPrep, good to meet someone who has tamed IPA to represent Chinese pronunciations!
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