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Pirates of the Carribbean 4 (Movie)

Jack Sparrow is captured and he is being worked in a vessel by force.

There is a man on the vessel as showed in that picture.

Jack Sparrow: Oi. What did that poor sod do? And how can I make sure to not?
Other:Him? Churchly fellow.

Can you explain the meaning of 'churchly fellow'?


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    From the WR Dictionary:

    churchly adj. of or appropriate for the church or a church; ecclesiastical:

    Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers:: churchly adj appropriate to, associated with, or suggestive of church life and customs

    I haven't seen the films, but I'm guessing Sparrow's captors are not particularly well-disposed towards the church, and I'd say in this context it means simply "He's a religious fellow".


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    I looked it up and the person who calls him a "churchly fellow" goes on to say "Always going on about the Lord Almighty".

    A "churchly fellow" here seems to mean a religious person.



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    Just to expand a little on RedwoodGrove's helpful post, we would say 'Thanks for helping me' or 'Thanks for your help'.

    (To which we would say 'You're welcome') :)
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