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Hello everyone, I'm trying to translate these underlined expressions into Italian.

The context is:
My ten-year-old daughter churns through books very quicly, so every so often, we invite her friends over for a "book swap brunch" to empty out our overflowing shelves, get some new ones for free, and keep building community."

"divora libri" and what about swap brunch.
Thank you a lot.
  • Anja.Ann

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    Ciao, Al :)

    I think I'd say "... per un brunch di 'scambio libri'" ... instead of a "brunch di lavoro" they have a (more interesting) "brunch di 'scambio libri'" :)
    Ciao, io invece mi trovo di fronte a "...a deep-pocketed Tory known for churning through managers at his soccer club;..." come potrebbe essere meglio tradotto "churning through managers"? forse …"imperversare sui suoi managers"....?
    In this new post, "churning through managers at his soccer club" has the sense of "cambiare gli allenatori molto frequentemente", and perhaps there is the implied criticism "come fossero calzini usati".
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