ci ha fatto incontrare


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This expression is found in a quote attributed to Pio XI (presumably regarding Mussolini):

"Forse ci voleva anche un uomo come quello che la Provvidenza ci ha fatto incontrare."

Attempted translation:

"Perhaps we wanted a man such as the one whom Providence had thrust upon us."


1) How should "ci ha fatto incontrare" be translated? With a sense of inevitable fate?

2) "ci voleva" = volere with sense of wishing or with sense of needing?

Thank you in advance for any replies.
  • Lorena1970

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    "Probably, a man like that one Providence thrust upon us was necessary"

    It sounds to me much closer to the original sentence, even if not sure it sounds correct...?
    1) maybe with a sense of inevitable fate
    2) with sense of needing

    I hope it helps.
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