CIC, KIA, MPS, AA guns and Aerok Hills

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Hello everyone, so I was watching the Korean Movie named "The Front Line" and I was having trouble, because I don't know what do CIC, KIA, MPS and AA guns stand for... It's a movie about the Korean war and soldiers. Also, I don't know how could I translate "Aerok Hills" to portuguese! I mean, is aerok an Enlgish word? Or is it the Korean name for the hill? I'm a bit confused... The movie is great by the way, I recommend it to anyone! :)
Thank you very much!
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  • During the Korean War, CIC would have meant "Counterintelligence Corps." KIA is "killed in action." MPs are Military Police. AA is Anti-aircraft.

    "Aerok" is the name invented for the location in the movie; you might note that it is "Korea" spelled backwards!
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