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Hello,I need your precious help. I am actually translating a scene wich takes place in Virginia. The author evokes the "cicada whine". Is he referring to such things as our dear "cigales" ? Is there any cigales in Virginia ? Or should I translate it by "chant des grillons" ?? Many Mercis
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    I would definitely go with cigales.

    There are cigales pretty much across all of North America. Cicadas/cigales tend to sing during the hottest part of the day, while grillons are more active from dusk. Maybe that detail can guide you.

    Also, I wouldn't describe le chant des grillons as a whine...a chirp, maybe. But cigales definitely fit the description of whine.


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    Le crissement (grincement) des cigalles. À la rigeur, le ronronnement des cigales.
    Pour "whine" voir ici, sous 'noun'.


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    So, now, with your kind help, I know that there are cicada elsewhere than in Provence... How chauvinist I was... "Take me Home to West Virginia..."You have been very kind, thank you...
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