CId [Cld/cld as abbreviation]

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    "Question from @Eagle_force_555: How influential was UK's sovereignty transfer of Hong Kong on the Chinese economy since then? #AskJohnSimpsonJohn answers: HK highly influential on China, less on economy than politically. Cld be major influence in the future #AskJohnSimpson"

    BBC's John Simpson held an Q&A session about China on twitter, he ansewered many questions and this is one of them. ( Could you please tell me what "CId" stands for? Thank you.
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    It's actually CLD (but in non capitals), which is used as an abbreviation of "could".

  3. heypresto

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    I think it is shorthand for 'could'. It makes sense in the context.

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    Thank you.
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    Tweets (Twitter messages) are limited to 140 characters total. That causes people who tweet to invent their own non-standard short forms frequently. They use these forms even when the rest of a specific message is short enough that they could spell out a word in full.

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