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Would you please tell me what is the meaning of " Ciderwench" and what is her job? I searched a lot but it was not clear enough. Is she a woman who works in cleaning the chimney?
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    As you know, Meerana, we need context to reliably answer these questions. Where did you find this term?

    It sounds like some kind of old-fashioned word for a woman who serves cider in an inn. If you look up both "cider" and "wench", you will likely grasp the meaning. Calling a woman in a similar position today a "ciderwench" would likely be offensive to her, although it might be done jokingly.


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    As Anthox says, it almost certainly describes a woman who serves or provides cider. It's either an archaic word or, as I suspect, a modern coinage meant to sound amusingly archaic.


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    @Meerana We need a complete sentence, the name of the source, as well as some information about what was being discussed. Also, please check the spelling to answer Myridon's question in post #3.

    When you provide this information, people will be able to give a helpful answers.