cierre previsto sobre 10 de abril

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  1. myerstl Senior Member

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    This phrase appears multiple times in an outline of future magazine articles.

    Issue 160. March-April (cierre previsto sobre 10 de abril)

    Closing forecast for April 10?
    Press deadline forecast for April 10?

    What I'm coming up with doesn't quite fit - anyone have any ideas?
  2. jlmyth

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    quizás...foreseen press deadline...
  3. myerstl Senior Member

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    What's bothering me is the timing - if this is the March-April issue, delivery to the customer should take place about April 15. If the press deadline is scheduled for April 10, that doesn't allow much time for delivery or overruns. "Cierre" seems to clearly indicate the closing of the issue - is there any way it could be translated differently, as "delivery"?

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