cinturones de vergüenza alfombrados de chabolas+barrios residenciales de las afueras

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  1. cremba Senior Member

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    Hola, no encuentro mis manos y mis piernas en esa frase:

    ". . . [zonas] en los que sobreviven como pueden crios malcomidos, hijos de padres enganchados y de madres apaleadas, cinturones de verguenza alfombrados de chabolas que emergen como hongos parasitos alrededor de los barrios residenciales de las afueras."

    Help! :)

    (lo siento, no tengo accentos...)
  2. cremba Senior Member

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    Sorry, tambien lo del "barrios residenciales de las afueras" no esta muy claro...
  3. Yyrkoon

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    O_O WOW
    Pretty difficult for me try to translate that sentence to english, it´s a metaphor the whole sentence, therefore, I wont translate it, but try to make you understand the meaning. Cinturón de verguenza is literally belt of shame, that means that it´s a rectangular area which should produce shame to the people who doesn´t do anything to change the situation of this poor people.
    Alfombrados de chabolas, alfombra is a carpet, so alfombrado is a floor with a carpet, and chabolas are houses of the very very poor people who made their homes on their own with any material that they can find on the streets, so alfombrados de chabolas means that this rectangular area mentioned above is full of this kind of houses, in such quantity that it looks like a carpet, and each time more ´cause they grown like mushrooms (crecen como hongos) arround the neighbourhoods of reach people who lives at the border of the city (barrios residenciales de las afueras)

    WOW again, I´m sweating :D
  4. jivemu Senior Member

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    En España se denominan "barrios marginales".

  5. coquita Senior Member

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    Cinturón in this case would be like a long area surrounding another one. I think you can use the word "belt" (i.e.: green belt = cinturón ecológico).

    Alfombrado means completely covered with shanty towns (chabolas).

    Barrios residenciales de las afueras: Residential neighbourhoods in the outskirts of the city.

    If you make a mental picture it would be rich neighbourhoods surrounded by crowded shanty towns.

    Hope this helps:)
  6. magda84 Senior Member

    'barrios residenciales de las afueras' no serían 'the suburbs'?
  7. Txiri

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    You did a great job! The author writes very vigorously, and paints a lot of mental pictures
  8. cremba Senior Member

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    you are simply wonderful, a big hug!

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