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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by mwebster, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. mwebster

    mwebster Senior Member

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    Can someone tell me if cioccolato fondente is just plain milk chocolate or is it something different.
  2. stezza Banned

    This is from Wikipedia:

    Partendo dall'ingrediente base della pasta di cacao, ottenuta dai semi del cacao, vengono aggiunti gli altri ingredienti necessari, più precisamente:
    • fondente: pasta di cacao, burro di cacao, zucchero e vaniglia
    • al latte: come sopra, ma con aggiunta di latte o latte in polvere
    • bianco: burro di cacao, zucchero, vaniglia, latte o latte in polvere
  3. mwebster

    mwebster Senior Member

    United States/English
    Hi stezza
    Thanks for the info. I was doing some research while I was waiting for a response on the forum. Based on what I have found so far, I think it is dark chocolate as opposed to light or milk chocolate.

    MAVERIK Senior Member

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    Surely it is dark chocolate.
  5. mwebster

    mwebster Senior Member

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    Thanks maverik.

    MAVERIK Senior Member

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    You're welcome !
  7. humarockbeach Member

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    Per fare la cioccolata calda (come bevanda), si usa "dark chocolate" oppure "baker's chocolate"? Non caspisco io perche su WR c'è scritto che il cioccolato fondente vuole dire tutti e due ma non sono la stessa cosa per niente.
  8. london calling Senior Member

    Here they use cocoa powder (the unsugared variety, I can't remember what you call it in the USA but I seem to remember it has a different name!) to make drinking chocolate (cioccolata calda).;)

    I use the "cioccolato fondente" made by a very famous Italian firm for cooking purposes;).
  9. butoholiczka New Member

    Hi, so i Have question if it's normal chocolate to eat or only to drink? cause somewhere I read that's to prepare a drink or to cooking. In Poland it's normal to eat very dark chocolate, cause it conteins less sugar. But I just came to Italy and first time I'd seen "fondente" instead of just "amaro"
  10. la_stefi New Member

    Good morning everybody
    I think it might be as follows:
    baker's chocolate = cioccolato da pasticceria, the one you use for cakes
    dark chocolate = cioccolato fondente
    Baker's chocolate is a variety of fondente anyway (it contains no milk).
    For the beverage, we use cocoa powder or some specific chocolate
    If the chocolate contains milk, it is cioccolato al latte.
    And don't forget gianduia, a fondente with hazelnuts...
    Ok I'm stopping now, because I'm drooling :-D
    I'm no good at English, but passionate about chocolate!
    Have a nice day!

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