Cipher [from PC game pt. 7]

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Hi again,

This is the last word from the game I'm unsure of.

Cipher is a character that has paranormal psychic abilities which allows him not only to contact spirit world, but influence it as well.

Although it is clear what a cipher does in the game, I'm not sure what is the story behind this word. The closest meaning I found in regards to a real person is:

"[ C ] formal disapproving a person or group of people without power, but used by others for their own purposes, or someone who is not important:

The interim government is a mere cipher for military rule. [Cambridge dictionary]"

However it does not make a sense when you think about it as of a profession. Was this phrase coined only for the game purposes or it does sounds logical after all?
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    The common meaning of "cipher" is "a secret code". In wartime, countries use a "cipher" on their communications, and their enemies try to "break the code" ("unlock the cipher") so they can understand their messages.

    Naming a character "Cipher" implies there is something secret or mysterious about him. It's a good super-hero name, or a fake name a spy might use.
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