Circle of Irrigation


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Hi all, .. In the following sentence: ( Though he worked as a governmental clerk at the Third Circle of Irrigation, he never forgot that he had been born a rich man's son ). the question is, as the sentence is from a text dated back to the early of 1900s, I am not sure whether the term " Circle " is used here as وزارة or مديرية or it is the subdivision term دائرة ? hoping to find an answer from you. Thanks in advance .
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    It might have been دائرة in the original. In the nineteenth century and early twentieth century the word دائرة was used by the Ottomans to refer to a government department. In Iraq, as an example, they still use it in contexts such as دائرة الماء والكهرباء، دائرة الجنسية والإقامة... الخ