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Quelqu’un, sait-il comment on dit “circuit training”… Je pense à ‘un entraînement physique’, mais a mon avis ça n’est pas assez précis… Je dirais en anglais « I’m going to circuits tonight » ou « I’m going circuit training tonight ». Comment dit-on ça en français svp ?

Merci d’avance
  • sHak.

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    Parcours de santé ??

    Depending of what is a trining circuit. If it is something where you run, do push ups, run, exercise other muscles, run, etc...
    Un Parcours de santé is the one your are looking for.


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    Interesting. Circuit training in England is usually in a sports hall... So I guess the closest translation would be 'un parcours de santé qui se passe à l'intérieur' ? Bit of a mouthful! Do the French not usually partake in such forms of exercise? hmmmmm...

    Thulemin FR

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    I would totally disagree with "parcours de santé" as a translation for "circuit training". It's a totally different thing, though it wasn't popular in 2007 in France I guess. "Circuit-training" can be used and understood, but you can use "entraînement en circuit" or "entraînement fractionné" depending on the exact kind of workout you're doing.

    Kelly B

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    Right, I think what the francophone respondents were thinking of was a fitness trail.
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