circuits built from the bottom up


What does 'circuits built from the bottom up' mean in the next text:

The groundbreaking prototype computer system, described in a paper appearing today in the journal Nature, represents a significant step forward in the complexity of computer circuits that can be assembled from synthesized nanometer-scale components.

It also represents an advance because these ultra-tiny nanocircuits can be programmed electronically to perform a number of basic arithmetic and logical functions.

"This work represents a quantum jump forward in the complexity and function of circuits built from the bottom up, and thus demonstrates that this bottom-up paradigm, which is distinct from the way commercial circuits are built today, can yield nanoprocessors and other integrated systems of the future," says principal investigator Charles M. Lieber, who holds a joint appointment at Harvard's Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology and School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

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    This seems to be very sophisticated language, Aero, that only a specialist or somebody who knows a great deal about circuit design could answer. I have sent messages to other members who may be able to answer your question. :)


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    Thank you, Aero, for providing useful information. I'll bet there are a lot of people in the forum who didn't know what "the bottom up" approach to circuit design was. Now they do:)
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