circulaire ministérielle

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  1. Sophie Nomade Senior Member

    Hello !
    How would you translate "circulaire ministérielle" ?
    Would "ministeria circular letter" do the job??
    Thank you very much in avance for your help!
  2. dewsy Senior Member

    England, english
    Ministerial circular tout court fera l'affaire :)
  3. Sophie Nomade Senior Member

    Thank you Dewsy! :)
  4. mikun Senior Member

    Chiba Japan
    I'm reading the following CIRCULAIRE of 'Ministére de la Santè---'.
    CIRCULAIRE NDGS/Rl1/2007/318 du 14 aoũt 2007 relative à la suspension de l'obligation de vaccination par le BCG des enfants et adolescents.
    I'm not sure the image of CIRCULAIRE. Is it a similar document as 'Notification' or 'Administrative order to local government?'
  5. kristin44

    kristin44 Senior Member

    Why not "Ministerial circular" ?
  6. DaveTraveler Senior Member

    San Diego, CA
    French - Belgium
    Larousse: "Circulaire: Écrit, avis (souvent officiel) tiré à un certain nombre d'exemplaires par lequel sont communiqués les ordres d'un chef de service à ses subordonnés ou des informations intéressant l'ensemble du personnel."

    Even though "circulaire" could be non official, I have only heard it used in an official manner, but not necessarily as a notice to local governement. It could be sent to anyone working for the governement, or paid by the governement (the "circulaires" of the ministry of education are distributed to school directors and teachers and they must abide by them, for example.)

    I like "official/governement notification" as a general translation, although I'm sure that each English-speaking country has its own jargon to designate "circulaires".
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  7. mikun Senior Member

    Chiba Japan
    kristin44 and DaveTraveler,
    I use "official/governement notification" for translation

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