Circulation de véhicule soumis à signalisation

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    I'm translating documents about crimes that people have committed, here is one:
    Circulation de véhicule soumis à signalisation de marchandise dangereuse sur une voie interdite en permanence au transport de marchandise dangereuse

    My attempt:
    Driving a vehicle subjected to dangerous goods signalling on a road permanently forbidden to the transport of dangerous goods.

    Please help! I am struggling to work out what 'soumis a signalisation means', and the rest is very clumsy, I can't put it into good legal English!

    Merci! :)
  2. Cat'sPaw Senior Member

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    "soumis à signalisation" veut dire que le véhicule en question transporte de la marchandise dangereuse et, de ce fait, est soumis à l'obligation de le signaler, conformément au code de la route.
  3. Glasguensis

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    It's a bit of a roundabout way of saying it: "a vehicle obliged to display hazard information panels". In English you would most likely say "driving a vehicle carrying dangerous goods" although I suppose the "panels" wording also covers the case when the tank is empty.

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