cis prefix, cis- cisgender, cissexual, cissexism


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Hi All,

I just discovered that a couple of words are completely missing from the wordreference dictionary:

Cisgender, cissexual, cissexism

I think they should be introduced in wordreference as soon as possible.
They are currently used by many person researching on or promoting gender equality.

Recognizing the existence and relevance of those 3 words is also an important educational tool.

Thank you in advance


Cisgender, cissexual, cissexism

Your definition or explanation: Cisgender is a term used to describe people who, for the most part, identify as the gender they were assigned at birth. For example, if a doctor said “it’s a boy!” when you were born, and you identify as a man, then you could be described as cisgender. In other words, ‘cisgender’ is used to describe people who are not transgender. So why do we say ‘cisgender’ instead of ‘non-transgender’? Because, referring to cisgender people as ‘non trans’ implies that cisgender people are the default and that being trans is abnormal. Many people have said ‘transgender people’ and ‘normal people’, but when we say ‘cisgender’ and ‘transgender’ neither is implied as more normal than the other.

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    These are terms that have been current in academic works on gender for several years, and have begun to surface in everyday usage in the transgender community. (Correspondence on the Crossdresser Club website September 2012 and passim.)

    This is fortunate, because previous usage was the slangy, sex-specific and far from respectful RG (for Real Girl) or GG (Genetic Girl).