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In my work, I sometimes have to refer to the West Bank territory- in both English and French. This reference is simple in English but a little confusing in French.

My French teachers have not been able to clarify the rule for me. I know one says à when one is referring to a city and ``au`` when referring to a country (or en in case of feminine countries).
Given the territory is not considered an independant state, does one say in French `à la Cisjordanie` or ``en Cisjordanie``?

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    I think it´s "en cisjordanie"...
    I have also searched in google and "en cisjordanie" has much more results than "à la..."...
    but maybe the natives will know better,..
    sorryy for my english


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    It's "en Cisjordanie," for the same reason "en" is used with feminine countries. Other examples of regions using "en": "en Bourgogne," "en Dordogne," "en Provence," "en Californie," etc.


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    Hi DebraM, and welcome to this forum!

    It's not an independent state, but it isn't a city either. It would rather be considered as a region, hence the rule that la cavalière posted => en Cisjordanie.

    barbaraduvivier, the results you found for "à la Cisjordanie" were probably sentences like "les négociations relatives à la Cisjordanie", or "donner son autonomie à la Cisjordanie" :)
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