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I'd like to offer automatic citations for quotes found on a website. However, there doesn't appear to be any specific reference to how exactly they should be formatted. Let's say, for example, that we're citing this quote:

Should the author of the quote be listed?
APA does provide guidelines for online encyclopedias. If I were to go off of that, then I'd imagine simply using "Quote" or "Quotation" at the beginning would be satisfactory. Below are a couple of possible APA formats that I came up with. Would any (or all) of these be considered accurate and acceptable?

Using author name:

Hunter, H. (n.d.). Quotery. Retrieved December, 21, 2013, from

Using entry name:

Quotation. (n.d.). Quotery. Retrieved December, 21, 2013, from

Using ".com" in the beginning:

Hunter, H. (n.d.). Retrieved December, 21, 2013, from

Using website name before the url at the end:

Hunter, H. (n.d.). Quotery. Retrieved December, 21, 2013, from website:
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    Hey Jason and welcome to the forum. :)

    I won't try to answer your question directly because I don't think you've provided an example where it's required. (Let's me off the hook. ;) ) If you're referencing only the "famous quote" I think you should cite the source directly, as Mr. Hunter does at the bottom of that page. Here's the URL for that November 1994 Ensign page.

    The Aurora University Phillips Library offers some advice in this regard on one of its "Ask a Librarian" pages: What would be the correct way to cite a famous quote in APA style.
    My first step would be to try and find the original source of the quotation, did it come from a book, article, speech, poem, essay? Ideally you would want to use the citation from the original work. If you can't find the original citation information, then you can use the citation from the "book of famous quotes". Remember that citations give the reader enough information to find your sources.
    If I can ask you one favour, it would be to please use the forum's default Verdana font — it's easier for a middle-aged man who sometimes can't find his glasses to read. :)
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    Jason, since you're in the US: Check the latest edition of The Chicago Manual, which provides citation guidelines, including cites from websites. If you're writing for publication, you should consult, and follow the guidance of, the publication's or publisher's stylebook or, absence such a written guide, the advice of your editor.

    In general, I agree with the advice that Gramman has quoted from somewhere or someone: Citations should give original sources, not simply secondary sources such as online compilations.
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