cities with more sizzle...

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Portuguese, Brazil
What does 'sizzle' mean in this context?
"recovering substance abusers are also sinking roots in Arizona, Southern California and the Gold Coast of Florida — places with more sizzle and better weather."
Thanks in advance.
  • emma42

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    British English
    I would guess the same, although there might be a bit of a double entendre, as those places are all known for having a lot of sunshine. But then it would be a bit tautological with "better weather" following.


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    UK English (& rusty French…)
    Hi, ABP. I would imagine sizzle in this context probably means excitement/animation
    :tick: Yes, I agree. Things are happening in sizzling cities :rolleyes:, and are constantly on the move, on the boil. The opposite of sizzle (in this context) would be something like "flat", non-eventful.
    I wouldn't go so far as to call it incorrect, but it's definitely not how I would put it (putting down roots). AE vs. BE, perhaps
    Yes, but "sinking down roots' means the same thing, it's just a bit of poetic licence …


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    AE, Español
    "Sizzle," figuratively refers to something that is exciting, attractive, enticing, or otherwise desirable. A similar word is "pizazz." They are probably exciting and "happening" places, but they also have more cachet.
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