citing unspecified threats from Clinton loyalists

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The quotation comes from

Quotation: Mrs. Clinton grew in confidence, unleashing a volley of attack lines. As Mr. Trump struggled to respond, the crowd in Arizona lapsed into ever longer silences.

A supporter of Mr. Trump in the crowd who refused to be identified, citing unspecified threats from Clinton loyalists, said he didn’t expect his candidate to be as polished as a professional politician. He was willing to take the brash Mr. Trump as is, he said.
Hi everyone! I think I know the literal meaning of the bold part. But how does it work in the context? I'm confused.
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    A: Why do you refuse to be identified?
    B: Clinton loyalists have threatened people who have spoken out.
    B cited unspecified threats from Clinton loyalists as the reason that he refused to be identified.


    He refused to be identified. To explain why, he referred to (cited) threats that he said he had received, without specifying what those threats were (unspecified), from supporters of Clinton (Clinton loyalists).
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