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    Ciao a tutti

    How would you translate this? A writers' town seems wrong, but if it was referring to artists (a possibility according to my Collins Sansoni dictionary) then surely that would be citta d'arte? It is in a website about the Umbrian town of Terni

    "La citta tra le acque, l'antica Interamna romana, ma anche la citta d'autore ricostruita dopo le distruzioni...."
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    If we are talking about a movie, the expression "un film d'autore" would be translated as "an art(istic) movie", but since we are talking about a town, the translation seems to be tricky.

    What does it mean, precisely? Does it mean that after the "destructions" the city was rebuilt by renowned architects? If so, I guess your only choice is to explain what is implied in this expression.
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    Thanks Saoul
    Yes, it does continue.."..ricostruita dopo le distuzione della seconda guerra mondiale da grandi architetti e urbanisti."

    I still don't really understand the significance of the word 'autore' here.
  4. Saoul

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    The expression "d'autore" (not autore alone) conveys the idea that only renowned, important, valuable and outstanding architects worked at that "ricostruzione".

    A movie by Adam Sandler is not a movie "d'autore".
    A movie by Laars Von Tries is a movie "d'autore".

    A song by Britney Spears is not a song "d'autore".
    A song by Jeff Buckley is a song "d'autore".

    A building by Saoul is not a building "d'autore".
    A building by Gae Aulenti is a building "d'autore".

    This expression stresses the idea that the "person" you are talking about is important. Kind of posh, sometimes. :)
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    We had a prior discussion HERE, that indicates it's not a straight-forward translation.

    Maybe "artistic" in the sense of how it was reconstructed?
    Maybe "artsy" in the sense that there may be a large conclave of artists?
    Perhaps the rest of the text might help you choose the right word.
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    To be honest, I don't understand it too here. It seems out of contest. Maybe the writer of the text want to use a more attractive word than "arte".
    "Città d'arte" would infact be better imho.
    Maybe with "città d'autore" he want to focus attention on the fact that it was rebuilt buy some famous artists after the war.
    Just a guess. ;)
  7. Saoul

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    Thanks Tim, I tried to find that thread, but my searching skills are kind of rough today! :)

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