city affair

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Hi everyone! I don't understand "city affair" here. Does it mean "something suitable for urban life"?

the context is as follows:
Moncler vision to dominate the fashion industry and produce there high quality jackets for high price consumers has been the main source of its successful strive. Eighties was the period in which Moncler, with its lacquered effect expressed in dazzling colours and its original stitching, would also become a city affair. The encounter with designer Chantal Thomas, who worked with the company until 1989, overhauling the appearance of the quilted jacket, was a particularly fruitful one: she replaced the zip with buttons and used fur trim, satin and reversible fabrics.

source: Only one Moncler
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    I have not bothered to look at the rest of the blog, but yes, the writing in just this paragraph is extremely strange. Best to ignore it.
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