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vorrei saper se civil servant language è usato in senso figurato, magari solo informale,per indicare la lingua della pubblica amministrazione.

Grazie mille.
  • Paulfromitaly

    Una bella frase intera in cui si usa tale espressione sarebbe d'aiuto.
    L'inglese è la versione originale o la tua traduzione di qualcosa in italiano (che a questo punto devi postare)?
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    Secondo me, solo informale.

    "Civil servant language" is another instance of Americans using a noun where an adjective belongs.

    It is an unkind (poco gentile) phrase meaning that the language is so obfuscated (offuscato) and impersonalized that it has become almost meaningless (senza significato) and inscrutable (impenetrabile).

    EDIT: Because it has this meaning, it would rarely be used to seriously describe the language of public administration, at least in the USA. I would infer from Rob's comments that in the UK, this phrase is rarely used, so it probably would not be offensive there. I think most civil servants in the USA would chuckle rather than be offended, because they would agree that the language is inscrutable.

    EXAMPLE: A civil servant never says "I am on business travel." He says "I am (on) TDY." He says it "tee dee why" (TDY = temporary duty) Non civil servants do not understand this.
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