Civilian Conservation Corps


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Hey everyone!
I haven't been on here for a long time now, what's up guys?
Well as usual I need your oh-so-great help...
I was looking for a translation or more of an explanation in French of CCC, and since it's supposed to be for a footnote it would have to be short, so does anyone have any idea.
The reason I'm asking is that I had one (idea) but for the context I didn't think it was suited: "He was part of the Civilian Conservation Corps and was not supposed to get married." So first I thought why not:"programme gouvernemental de lutte contre le chômage." as a footnote, but is it clear enough, doesn't it seem as if the man is himself one of those trying to fight unemployment rather than being part of it as one of those needing the help?
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    Is this the US Depression era CCC described here?

    As you said, the motivation behind the creation of this program was to provide work for the unemployed. But that is only half the story, because you could say the exact same thing about any of the MANY other programs created as part of the New Deal. There are so many of these programs with 3-letter abbreviations that we jokingly call it "alphabet soup"!

    To write a meaningful footnote, you will need to summarize the CCC's activities in a sentence or two (see the article link above), and mention that it was a governmental program that was part of the New Deal, intended to provide much-needed employment during the Depression years.

    As for the relevance of "getting married," I can only guess that one of the stipulations of accepting a job with the CCC was that you would not change your marital status. This would make sense, because men who worked on CCC crews lived in camps for several months at a time on the construction sites where they worked.

    Hope it helps :)
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