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    On the heels of his successful campaigning for Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln, helping her return from the dead to eke out a primary victory earlier this month, Bill Clinton has become very popular. The former president has over a hundred requests from congressional candidates on his desk. He's especially in demand in the South and amongst Blue Dogs, fiscal conservative Democrats. After all, Clinton can rightfully claim the mantle of fiscal responsibility having left office with record surpluses.

    Hi folks:

    Bold part upward, Bill Clinton have step down quite a time, and why he is gonna claim the mantle of fiscal responsibility which I thought got nothing to do with him?

    Or maybe there is a misunderstood of claim, which is not amount to assume?

    Thank you beforehand.
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    To claim the mantle of = to assert that you have a particular role or responsibility or title/designation.

    You've understood the meaning, though! The rest is a matter of political opinion, which I don't think can be debated here;-))!
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    Fiscal conservatism is the economic philosophy of prudence in government spending and debt. Clinton, on leaving his office as president, left record surpluses (not deficits), which should make him popular among fiscal conservative Democrats. Having shouldered successfully the responsibility for government spending, he can claim the mantle of fiscal responsibility.

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  4. leivev Senior Member

    美之大成, 汉语
    Got it, you mean the bogey deficit status quo is partial his responsibility.
    At the begging, I mistook it as Clinton charging the the whole burden thing, and trying to divert the inflame voters.
    Your help strengthen the understanding of "mantle thing"
    Thank you so much,
  5. JamesM

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    I'm not quite sure I understand what you mean by "bogey", but the deficit status quo is not at all his responsibility. He left office with a surplus in the budget, which is the opposite of a deficit. There was money left over at the end of the year, rather than money lacking at the end of the year. The government's overall debt was actually reduced during his second term. It was a remarkable and unusual achievement for any U.S. president and contrary to the normal characterization of Democrats being fond of taxing and spending. As a result, he appeals to Democrats who want to see a government that is fiscally conservative.
  6. leivev Senior Member

    美之大成, 汉语
    maybe boggy?scared? spooky? swampy?

    Ok, double checked, I bungled here, nothing deficit responsibility, he got the position to erect a figure of epitome.
  7. EStjarn

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    Hi leivev,

    No, I didn't mean that. The article speaks of congressional candidates - especially fiscal conservative candidates - standing in line to have Bill Clinton campaigning for them. As suggested in the article, the reason for why in particular fiscal conservative Democrats want Clinton's support is because he managed to leave office with record surpluses. To leave a presidential office with surpluses ought to be a deed that fiscal conservatism considers praiseworthy.

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