claimed a final victim


— Several residents of The Falls have now come forward to blame the deaths in the neighborhood on Home Owner Association President Gene Gogolak. These same residents deny Agent Mulder's allegation that they were in some sense all responsible for the demise of Gogolak himself claiming ignorance as to what actually killed him. It would seem the code of silence that hid the sins of this community has not only survived but — in its creator — claimed a final victim.
The X-Files, episode Arcadia

What does "claim" mean here in your opinion?
Thank you.
  • Linkway

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    "Claim" is often colocated with deaths and injuries.

    The 1982 tsunami in Asia claimed thousands of lives.

    The Washington park rapist has claimed his eighth victim.

    I don't know why claim is associated with such things, but it's very common.
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