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    Term: clam

    Your definition or explanation: [music] wrong notes

    Example: We are an amateur band, so we may hit a few clams, but who cares? We're here to have fun.

    One or more places you have seen the term: Desperate Housewives Season 5 Episode 8 City on Fire
    "Okay, we may look a little old up there, and we may hit a few clams, But who cares we're here to have fun."

    Have you looked for this term or meaning in dictionaries? Yes

    Have you found it? No

    Entries in other dictionaries:
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    Thank you.
    I had never heard this before, and would never have guessed 'clam' had this meaning.
    (Of course, I'm not a musician. :) )

    Just to be clear, the dictionaries listed below are ones checked that don't have an entry for 'clam' with this meaning.

    We don't require such a list, but they make clear that Nobu.0 has done the requested research. :)

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