clamping on of nesepegs


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What does "clamping on of nesepegs" mean?

The clamping on of nesepegs to vote for these closet selfish capitalists heas been incredibly harmful to our mental health.
  • Clamping is to fastening, imposing or inflicting forcefully

    but nesepegs seems to be an error. At least I haven't found it on any dictionary. (neither in google).
    I saw the thread title on the menu page and immediately came to the same conclusion as The Scrivener.
    This is an error. It should be nosepegs.

    I've read and heard many colloquial statements about 'holding one's nose while voting for candidate xxxxxxx'.
    It means that one votes, with great distaste, for a candidate because that candidate–while distasteful– is better than the opponent, or because the candidate is good in most regards, despite holding a repugnant position on one or more issues.
    Putting a clothes pin or clothes peg or nose peg on is consistent with that idea.
    I'm translating a text - it's homework, I didn't make the sentence up.
    I typed it word for word.

    Texts frequently contain typing errors, Whitedogg.

    Be assured that there is no such word as nesepegs, and that your context fits perfectly with nosepegs. If you try putting a spring-loaded clothes peg on your nose you will soon understand the term "clamping on". It will grip you like a crab's pincers and have you hopping around in agony. :eek:
    Well that sure won't be a pleasant experience. I know that texts frequently contain typing errors, still I think that the journalist who wrote this sentence did it quite consciously.
    :confused: Even journalists can be wrong. Maybee this guy is copying nesepegs from some other source he considers to be trustworthy.

    But don't believe us. :( Just google out the word and try to find it in any dictionary. :D

    Good luck!
    You clamp on a nosepeg; "nesepeg" is not a word. The text is incorrect! Even if the journalist wrote it correctly in the first place, it must, at some point in production of the paper/magazine, have been typed in wrongly by someone and left that way.