Clan Invader

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There's plenty I don't like. The steering wheel is far too large and the cockpit puts me in mind of a 1982 British kit car - a Midas Gold or a Clan Invader, perhaps. Then there's the gearbox. Holy mother of Mary, what were they thinking of?

Jeremy Clarkson On Sport Cars

What on Earth is this Clan Invader??
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    Actually googling shows nothing for Clan Invader but there is a computer (?) game called Clan Invasion, and if we switch to Google Images we see lots of big hulking robotic monsters, which would suit Clarkson's sense of humour, I suppose.


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    Clarkson has simply made up a couple of names off the top of his head that sound as if they might be kit-cars. I'm not surprised that etb started Googling - as names, they are convincing.

    It's rather like, "He was named after some old movie hero like Sledge Riprock." - i.e. I can't remember his name but it was something in the genre of 'Sledge Riprock'. (There never was a movie star, called Sledge Riprock.)


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    It's an error on Clarkson's part. He undoubtedly meant Clan Crusader, a sports car of about the same vintage as the Midas Gold (actually a body kit for Hillman running gear). Here's a photo.

    Added in edit: Cross-posted. Would have been there first if I hadn't stopped to find a photo! :)
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