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Source phrase:
Behind it, there is momentary silence, broken only by the faint sounds of weeping from the sturdy clapboard cottage that sits under the willow.

My best effort:
[…]'une chaumière robuste bardeau[…]

1. "bardeau" seems an uncertain translation, since it suggests shingles (and I'm using it wrong), but the best alternative seems to be "clins". I can't figure out how to use either of them properly, especially in conjunction with other adjectives.
2. Other suggestions on the sentence are of course welcome.
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    This is too precise for French vocabulary, in this context nobody cares if this cottage is made with "bardeau", "un bardage de bois" or with "une facade de planches posées à clin"...

    I suggest you just use "... le robuste chalet en bois situé sous les pins..., for example.


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    Maison en déclin de bois is the term you might use in Canada, where, as in the US, wooden houses are quite common and built in different styles.

    A European audience would not benefit from that detail in most cases, since a wooden house is unusual, and maison en bois is enough to render the idea.

    PS: In many places the pronunciation of clapboard is a homonym of clabbered; elsewhere people say clap + board.

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    Thanks. I've settled on "chaumière robuste en déclin de bois", though it appears I need to check up on chaumiere, since most suggested maison or maisonette.
    @wildan1 - thanks for the link; that was what decided me.
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