Clara Schumann's Nocturne (in F major)


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If I mention Clara Schumann's Nocturne in F major in a piece of fiction, do I have to say "in F major"? I've looked it up and she has only this Nocturne/Notturno.

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    References to pieces of music are generally only as precise as they need to be - if someone wrote lots of Nocturnes we might need to specify the key, or if there is more than one in that key a catalog number. Where a work is unique or far more famous than other similar works we often omit these details. It's up to you to decide really.


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    The guidance is that the first time you mention it, you should give it the whole title, thereafter, you may shorten it to Clara Schumann's Nocturne (or the/her Nocturne, etc. where the context allows.)


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    Some refer to pieces by their type, op., and # (Scherzo Opus [...], Number [...]). For example, Chopin Nocturne op. 9 no. 2, but this type of format is more common in music books–e.g., Urtext: Chopin: Etüden: Etudes, by G.Henle Verlag.

    Note: Chopin wrote many Nocturne and Scherzo so they are all (mostly) labeled with Major/Minor/Sharp/Flat with note A-G or by Opus and Number. Glasguensis makes an excellent point, but it is up to you... to whom you are writing.
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